Free NeuroDevelopmental Movement Webinars

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September 15

Solutions, Not Compensation:  How NeuroDevelopmental Movement can address learning, behavior, emotional, and physical immaturities in our children.


September 22

Trauma and Anxiety:  How stress and trauma impact the brain, and how the brain creates further stress and anxiety.


September 29th

The Neurobiology of Learning Issues:  Getting to the source of our children’s learning, attention, and behavioral challenges.


October 13

Training Informational Meeting

Many of you have reached out to ask about training and we are creating an informational Zoom event to answer your questions.

Please join us if you are interested in becoming a NeuroDevelopmental Movement Consultant by Zooming with us on October 13th at 8:30 pm Eastern 5:30 pm Pacific.  This will be an informational and Q&A session about what it means to be trained in Neurological Reorganization, how we are going to move forward during the pandemic, and how our training will be organized with online and in-person experiences.