I have my poor boy in so many therapies, we are both exhausted.


Thanks for bringing this up.  Sometimes when children get involved in too many therapies their growth slows.  If you are dealing with his issues functionally ( Neurological Reorganization), nutritionally (and I know that you do), and structurally (doing any adjustments he needs, etc.) then you can back off on treating each symptom separately.  The auditory, visual and speech issues improve as the brain gets more integrated.

Definitely give his brain a chance to integrate all of this.  WE had one child who was in constant therapy and simply stopped growing.  When it was cut back to just N.R. and a couple of other interventions she started to grow again.  Your child’s brain needs strong neurological prompting, then it needs time to rest and integrate.  This is a good thing for many families to consider:  in some cases working more simply gets you there faster.

Tortoise and Hare thing.