Neurological Reorganization has been effectively treating children who had no other hope for almost 70 years.  In the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s N.R. was used to treat the children with cerebral palsy, with brain injuries, children who had been poisoned with insecticides, children who had drowned, who had been in auto accidents.  They even went so far as to start to treat Down Syndrome with great effect for many people.  My chiropractor in fact knows a person with Down Syndrome who went through the program in the 1960’s and is a professor of neurology at a California university as of a few years ago when I last spoke to that chiropractor.

In the 1980’s as more learning and attention problems were beginning to be looked at as a matter of brain dysfunction, rather than just ‘dumb’ or ‘bad’ kids, Neurological Reorganization had some answers and they were profound.  Children who had been failing began getting better and better grades, some moving towards the top of their class.  Children who had been seen as ‘mentally retarded’ starting performing at a neurotypical level.  All of this with a great deal of hard work, of course, but amazing results nonetheless.

I was in training in the late 80’s, early 90’s when the diagnoses of Autism, ADD, and RAD all entered the DSM.  Florence Scott, R.N., who was my teacher and Nina Jonio’s teacher realized that these were ALSO issues that needed to be treated not at a behavioral level, but at the source, the brain itself.  So as I was working with her she was working to develop more insight into these ‘new’ disorders.

In the 2000s Nina Jonio and I began to look more deeply into what we are now calling Developmental Trauma Disorder, to move even past the work Florence Scott had developed, and treat children with horrific experiences, whether in orphanages, in foster homes, in severely dysfunctional families.  We found that these children too had central nervous system issues that could be addressed by treating the BRAIN —– NOT the symptoms.

This is also when we met Sarge Goodchild and learned of his remarkable recovery from autism and cerebral palsy and as well we understood the depth of the work he was doing with children with autism.

We began to share ideas with A Chance to Grow in Minneapolis which has, for years, been treating children that were being treated in the 60’s and 70’s very effectively.  Children with C.P., brain injuries etc., have long been seeing successes there.

Nina Jonio and I began to travel to Minneapolis and share our new work with Developmental Trauma Disorder and psychological health with the staff of A Chance to Grow.

in the 2010s we began to train new practitioners to take the work forward and we plan to continue this training.

We don’t know what the next decade will bring but we hope it will include more mainstream recognition and that more children than ever will benefit from the amazing work that is Neurological Reorganization.


Bette Lamont, May 2015