Neurological Reorganization is a program designed by an N.R. practitioner and supervised at a distance by that practitioner.  Because the brain needs the input every day and there is probably no one on this list who could hire a person to do the program for one to 2 hours every day of the year, it is most practical to do it in the home.  Because the program does not need to change for about 12 – 16 weeks the re-evaluations need to take place only every 3 – 4 months.  At that time a new program is designed.

Neurological Reorganization does not actually DO the attachment work, but makes attachment work possible, and often it prompts a lot of bonding and opening of the child to input and relationship with the parents.

You would not be able to do Neurological Reorganization (N.R.) on your own as it is designed based on a neurodevelopmental profile that looks at sensory and motor skills at 7 levels of the Central Nervous System.  So, even if you knew the activities, you would not want to start something that was not specifically designed for your child’s needs.  Additionally, you would want to have someone working with you if your child reacts to the program and you have questions.

Your choice of Neurological Reorganization Therapist is likely dependent upon where you live.  Personally, I work in Western Washington and I travel to Minnesota, Michigan, Southern California and Central Florida, the other practitioners  go to different cities.
As far as a combination of therapies, you will not want to overwhelm your child’s system.  Neurological Reorganization is quite comprehensive and if you are doing too many things at once to change the brain your child might stall out rather than move forward faster.

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