In response to a parent’s question:


A good attachment therapist is critical.  There are attachment therapists who require Neurological Reorganization as a prerequisite to the attachment work because of the way it changes the brain and allows the kids more capacity to attach, but it does not do the attachment work per se.  That is, in N.R., as I am sure one would say about Neurofeedback (NFB), we can make the brain healthier but it does not take away their personal history or memories.  These individual events, abandonments, traumas, are still there, but the child has a better and sturdier neurological platform on which to manage them.  Nonetheless, I think they, too, must be addressed and an attachment therapist can help you complete the attachment process, or should I say a GOOD attachment therapist.  There is a wide range of attachment therapy and I would go with someone that is highly recommended in your community or on this list.