Developmental Movement Consultants provides Functional NeuroDevelopmental Assessments for children and adults with any form or degree of developmental gap, brain injury, history of abuse, neglect, or trauma, including adoption trauma.

The above conditions may lead to social, emotional, academic, physical, or psychological challenges that keep the client from reaching their potential and are often described in medical literature as discreet conditions, though the source of the challenge is invariably a gap in central nervous system functioning.

1.)  Initial Assessments:  We provide a three to four-hour initial assessment that includes a history and overview of the family’s concerns, testing, review of findings, therapeutic program design, and training and implementation.  Online assessments will be made readily available for new and returning clients throughout the pandemic.

2.)  Re-assessments:  Every two to three months, we do a two-hour re-evaluation of the progress made, considering observed, subjective changes in the clients and changes in the results found in a new functional neurodevelopment assessment. A new or revised program is designed, taught, and implemented at that time.

3.)  Well Baby Assessments: These are designed for parents who want to understand the Developmental Sequence and are looking to maximize their child’s developmental potential.  The well baby assessment is done anytime during the first year of life.

For current rates and scheduling contact Bette Lamont through the Contact page on this website.