I love getting accommodations at school and that can be the beginning and the end of what you get out of a NeuroPsych exam.  I was just speaking with a dear friend who has written a book (Red Flags) about using N.R. and Vision Therapy in a school setting.  When we were talking about the ‘alphabet diagnoses’ (ADD, ODD — which is one I hate) we acknowledged that there are no two children whose neurodevelopmental profiles are the same, even if they have the exact same diagnoses.

This is because all that the diagnoses do is to describe the behavior.  It does not talk at all about what is driving that behavior.  I particularly hate the ODD label because it implies intention.  I believe that all children want to do well, to be part of the group, to participate, to achieve.  “ODD” implies that they have a conscious intention to be oppositional.  That is a very shaming label for children and is really not relevant.

What matters is getting the two sides of his brain to work together, to reduce the triggers that arise from the amygdala (the fight flight flee part of his brain), get his neurotransmitters balanced, etc.

So ODD SHOULD be diagnosed, child by child as follows;
“High histamine; activated amygdala syndrome”.
Or “Low corpus callosum functioning syndrome”, or other specific description of drivers of the challenges

We need to start talking about what is driving the behavior rather than what the behavior looks like.