I am an adoptive mom of 2 children who are now 11 and 13. We have a relatively stress free household and I give the credit to Bette for helping us achieve this level of family life.

Alex had so much residual from spending his first 26 months in an orphanage.
He had sequencing issues and couldn’t recite the alphabet at 7 years of age.
He had word retrieval challenges and couldn’t find the words that he knew
he wanted. It was often hard to communicate with him and we found that we
were finishing most of his sentences. He also starting stuttering. We started
having behavior issues with Alex at around age 7; relentless teasing of his
sister, defiance, and refusal to do simple tasks such as brushing his teeth.
School became increasingly difficult, especially math and reading.
Noises in the classroom distracted Alex and left him unable to complete his

It wasn’t until I heard Bette Lamont’s lecture that our lives started
changing in the right direction. I was amazed at how she described my
son’s behavior and gave the reasons why he was reacting this way. Alex’s brain
was “underdeveloped” and needed “reorganization”. He was in a state of
“flight or fight” most of time which contributed to his behavioral issues.

We had evaluations with Bette for 3 years. Each evaluation was a wealth
of information as we saw progress with Alex. His stuttering was gone. He
was more controlled in his behavior and his outbursts were less frequent.
Word retrieval issues went away completely. He was able to focus in the
classroom and his math and reading progressed with small group classes.
Today, Alex is reading at an 8th grade level and is excelling in most of
his classes.

I will be honest with you and tell you that the daily exercises were
often grueling to get through. Alex was not always cooperative and I spent my
days thinking about ways to make the “exercises” more fun. There were tears,
frustrations, shouting and a whole laundry list of emotions that went along
with the program. Toward the end of our program, when Alex was most able
to focus, reading a good book to him while he was creeping or belly crawling
proved to be very bonding and he actually looked forward to doing hisexercises.

The Neurological Reorganization program was the hardest, yet most rewarding
program that I have ever completed. We now have a smart, sensitive, polite
young man as our son and I know that this would never have happened
without Bette’s knowledge, dedication, and encouragement.