I want to answer your question but to do so I have to add a bit of history, so bear with me.

Neurological Reorganization (which has shown up under a few different names over time) was the first approach to EVER analyze and create programs that assessed the entire developmental sequence, including reflexes, sensation, mobility, fine motor, vision, auditory, tactile skills.  The research involved a global investigation of what is essentially critical for all human infants apart from the particular culture, environment, etc.  The people that researched this concept that development is impacted by the way the baby is supported to move went around the world and were some of the first white people the Bush men of Africa ever met.

One of the advisers to the group, Temple Fay, outlined the whole concept of Reflex Integration in 1954 (calling it by a different name).  Another of the group, Florence Scott did the research and created the skills for normalizing sensory dysfunction (which is also called Sensory Integration, or Sensory Processing.)  So the original researchers looked at not only how babies move, but how their reflexes and their sensory skills grow, integrate, develop.

Everyone who does anything that is related gets a great deal of their information from this original (and I believe BEST) body of work which is about 70 years old.  If you just focus on reflexes and do not do the mobility or sensory piece you do not get the full healing that you want.  I am looking for stories, but have not yet found them, of children who had diagnoses like autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, etc. and are now symptom free.  We have many in our* practices and I would like to know how the other approaches, such as those that focus just on reflexes (Masgutova, RMT, etc.) or those that focus just on Sensory ( Sensory Integration), or just movement (Brain Gym)  get to that same goal of recovery.  I cannot say that they don’t do that, I would just like to get some examples of people who HAVE fully recovered when only one of the many aspects of the developmental sequence is addressed in each of these disciplines.  (i.e. just reflexes or just sensation, or just movement.)  So, when you do N.R. you are ALSO doing Reflex Integration as a part of the developmental sequence.

You might want to notice that there are many companies who do something similar to N.R. and franchise the work.  Their fees are infinitely greater than a personalized Neurological Reorganization evaluation and their programs are less personalized.  One company charges $12,000 for the first 3 months then $5,000 a month for 2 sessions a week.  Franchising this work is big business, but does not get to the same neurodevelopmental material that N.R. can.


* for a list of N.R. practitioners go to NNRPA.com  (Note, this is not a .org site) .  There you will find currently certified practitioners and with our new training in Indianapolis we will be adding to this list.
Bette Lamont