My son started the program when he was 8 and graduated when he was 10. He would snap at an instant and go from 0 to pissed in moments. Then he would kick, hit, bite, whatever he could to lash out and cause damage to the person that ticked him off. We did neuro reorg for almost 2 years and it was wonderful. I will tell you though that it was difficult at times. It can be a tough program and there were days when it was tough to get it all completed because the boys would fight me over doing the work. (I had an 11 year old doing the program also for other issues. He graduated at 13, almost 14.)
I am so glad I did the program. I haven’t had my youngest boy explode in over a year. (Except when his brother pushes his buttons too much…LOL.) It was so worth the time and money.
Here is an example for you: After about 8 months in the program, we were at a BBQ. My son had a shovel and was digging a hole. Another boy kept kicking the sand back in the hole. I could see out the window my son getting angry. I was terribly afraid he would simply bean the other kid with the shovel if he got mad enough. I hurried outside to try to intervene. I couldn’t see my son as I went through the house to get outside. When I got outside my son was gone. Thoughs of him having beaned the other kid and drug him off to bury the body flashed through my head. I looked for him and found him behind a little shed building. When I asked what happened, he told me the other boy was kicking sand in the hole, so he just left and found another place to dig. That was a huge change in 8 months.