Our son was “difficult” right from the beginning. He had a huge startle response and deep fears of loud noises (vacuum cleaner, loud vehicles, etc). He had to wear “worker man” ear muffs to go to noisy places like church, a school gym, the fair, etc. He had extreme difficulty with transitions – from inside the house to outside the house, into the car and out of the car, leaving a place that he was happy with. He didn’t sleep well. He started wheezing- took him to a naturopath at age one and have been going ever since – he had a huge list of foods he needed to avoid (gluten, casein, chemicals, colors, etc) and now he can tolerate most foods other than MSG. When he started talking all his words/phrases were copied from CD stories or videos or other people (this is called echolalia).

He had gigantic tantrums – biting us, biting himself, kicking, screaming. In his tantrums he was blind and deaf, we could not communicate with him. Under stress he used to bite the sleeve of his right arm. His fine motor control was very poor. He was extremely anxious about future events. Our life was very limited and stressful.

He did NR for over 3 years and “graduated” and many issues have been resolved. Gradually he began to speak his own “original” language, not just copy phrases. He began to gain the ability to access language when he was tantruming (he would still tantrum, but the difference was we could communicate with him). He began to have an easier time with transitions. We used to withhold information from him, such as plans to go on a trip, because he would get so stressed out. He can now often tolerate spontaneous plans.

He still doesn’t like it if he’s got something on his agenda and that doesn’t work out. His food issues seemed to resolve as he did NR. He suddenly stopped chewing his shirt sleeves, after 2.5 years of NR. His fine motor control is improving, but slowly. He is 9 years old and he is still learning how to form all the lowercase letters. (But a year ago he hated using a pencil and he hated how his hand would rub on the paper when he wrote.) Now he basically seems like a “typical” 9 year old boy – he has normal language (expressive and receptive), he can take turns, he can plan for future events, he is beginning to be able to take others’ perspectives, he can go with the flow a lot better than we ever imagined he would. He usually doesn’t need his ear muffs anymore.

I don’t think he would get the same diagnosis now (High Functioning Autism), but he is still quirky in the way he talks and responds to things. When he is happy he is absolutely delightful. He is a very hard worker on the things that interest him. He is physically strong and healthy. He is self-aware and can take others’ perspectives. He still needs a little extra guidance to make wise choices socially. I know for sure we would not have such a healthy kid (mentally, physically, socially) without having done NR. I shudder to think of the alternative (not having done NR). Now we’re still working on his emotional health (and our parenting skills).

Here’s the photo that goes with the story below: http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-73238962/stock-photo-multi-ethnic-children-writing-at-desks-in-classroom

4.) THE QUICK STORY: “She loves as much as she previously hated”

HERE’S THE FULL STORY: [Our daughter] came to us with very little sense of smell, taste, pain or fear. She had no ability to regulate her emotions and was often violent– slapping, punching, kicking, biting, spitting throughout the day, every day. She had no concept of the position of her body in space, so would constantly bounce her head off of table corners or wipe out on door jams as she tried to go through doorways. She also had significant strabismus in her right eye.

As I mentioned, within a month of starting Neurological Reorganization, she seemed to feel some pain, stopped eating extremely spicy foods and no longer loved bleu cheese. She became much more regulated within the first 6 months. Her senses seemed to swing towards the hyper-sensitive somewhere around 9 months into the program (I’d have to check my records to be sure), then re-set towards the middle.

After more than a year, her strabismus “cleared up.” Towards the end of our two years of NR she entered a “velcro-baby” stage–at the ripe old age of 4years 3 months. It lasted about 6 months, and then resolved.

She’s now pretty confident and comfortable most of the time. She’s still a very intense and strong-willed kid, but rarely defiant or oppositional- -just very focused and tenacious. She loves as big as she previously “hated.” She’s also exceptionally coordinated, both fine motor and gross motor-wise. There is some evidence of damage to her left hemisphere, so I’m anticipating that she’ll need some work to address that as she gets older, but otherwise she functions really well.