To whom it May Concern:

This letter is written on the behalf of the Developmental Movement Consultants. A five-year-old boy in my care has been diagnosed with Sensory Integration Dysfunction, Adjustment and Attachment Disorder.

When he was just six months old, he would exhibit intense anger. Sometimes he would inflict damage on himself as well as others. A child psychiatrist said that he had traits to be “the next Jeffery Dahmer” unless he was tended to properly and immediately. He has been treated by several therapists of various disciplines, however, the most dramatic impact in his improvement has been accomplished through the effort of Bette Lamont at DMC.

The only financial assistance he receives covers basic medical expenses and does not include this therapy. If it were not for donations for his therapy, he would be untreated and eventually we would most likely be supporting him in the penitentiary.

He now enjoys success in managing his temper, will be starting kindergarten, and participates in many activities that otherwise would have been impossible for him to do. Although tremendous progress has been made, he has not yet “arrived” and will need follow-up visits for awhile.

The therapy provided by Developmental Movement Consultants needs support to treat these high risk children that will certainly be tomorrow’s enormous costly problem. I urge anyone interested in our future to lend assistance. DMC is uniquely qualified to help these troubled youngsters make a transition from dysfunction to success.

If you have further need of information from me please do not hesitate to contact me