Neurological Reorganization is both an old and a growing therapeutic model for children or adults with gaps in their development or with any form of injury to the Central Nervous System.  Training in Neurological Reorganization is an in-depth extended training.  We do not do two week courses, but rather a minimum of one year of training and two years of supervision with a trainer.

There is now a national organization that invites fully trained, dedicated, ethical and skilled practitioners to join.

The National Neurological Reorganization Practitioners Association at (NOT org.) has set ethics and standards that are continually being reviewed to ensure that families have a happy and successful experience with Neurological Reorganization.

Please visit the national website for names and contact information of practitioners we know have met our standards.  Additionally ask friends who have had good experiences with N.R. about the practitioner with whom they worked.

And for a wonderful community that can support you in finding your practitioner, brainstorming your child’s needs and helping you through your journey to healing, we invite you to join the listserv: NeuroConnections, a Yahoo group.  It is a group of dedicated parents and practitioners of various modalities.  Negativity, backbiting, gossip and general ‘troll-like’ behavior are not allowed.