Clinical Observations by Pamela Lyons Nelson, Counselor regarding Neurological Reorganization as an adjunct to psychotherapy
1. Pons-Level Disorganization (life threat/survival level)
* Schizoid issues – whether or not I have a right to exist. The universe is basically hostile (unresponsive, indifferent) toward me.
* Isolation, alienation.
* Inappropriate response to situations: a) patient survival perceived as threatened when not, or when the stimulus is not intense enough to threaten life. b) patient will freeze or rage inappropriately in response to negatively perceived stimuli.
* Feeling overwhelmed by hostile forces.
* Anorexia.
FIXING THIS LEVEL results in knowing: a) I belong; b) I can survive; c) I have a place in the universe.
2. Mid-Brain Level Disorganization (quality of life)
* Very predominant – most psychotherapy clients have it physiologically. We see disturbances in hypothalamic functions: appetite, temperature, rest/activity cycles, hormone balance issues that result in weight problems (usually overweight), being too chilly, depression, insomnia, anxiety, inability to make decisions, allergies, hypochondria – the annoying stuff that diminishes the quality of life.
* Typically disorganized (or overcompensatingly organized), or depressed (or overcompensatingly optimistic).
* Expresses trouble ‘coping’ (while in very little danger of actually ‘falling apart), stressed out.
* Problems with all of its aspects, physical, mental, emotional.
FIXING THIS LEVEL results in a) a more ‘balanced’ lifestyle, b) a sense of one’s own limits as being okay, c) release from stress, d) able to see more clearly.
3. Cortex Level Disorganization (“human” level functioning)
* Usually not much of a problem after lower two levels are taken care of . What’s usually left are laterality problems which affect storage and retrieval of information, etc.
FIXING THIS LEVEL results in a) clear thinking – seeing the whole pattern of things, b) creativity, c) coordination (physically), d) good organization skill in life, e) increased ability to read, do mathematics, whichever was weak.
How I use it in treatment: As a solving device. I want to be clear without process and if we can get clear CNS messages instead of the garbage usually coming through the therapeutic process is greatly enhanced and speeded up. We no longer are dealing with the dysfunctions the defenses are initially built on.