Getting started on your child’s road to recovery!

NeuroDevelopmental Movement, AKA Neurological Reorganization, is an assessment and treatment process that allows the NDM Consultant to understand why our children or adult clients are responding the way they do to social, academic, physical, attentional, and emotional challenges. Parents and clients who invest in a Functional NeuroDevelopmental Assessment learn how to integrate or reintegrate functions in the brain that may never have been fully developed, or that may have been lost due to injury, disease, or trauma. Traumas that are as recent as a concussion in the last month, or a disability that occurred due to trauma in utero, can be addressed through our in-depth work. Delays in development can be caused by restriction of infant movement, orphanage or foster care settings in the first year of life, and poor nutrition in the early months of life, among other factors.

Neurodevelopmental functions that are missing can disrupt behavior and learning and often include:
* an inability to process what one sees, hears, and feels
* difficulty integrating information between the two sides of the brain
* challenges hearing and communicating clearly
* difficulty knowing where one’s body is in space
* difficulty recognizing emotions and responding to others appropriately

Neurodevelopmental functions that are missing can also disrupt social and emotional wellbeing and often include:
* Sensory processing disorders
* Inability to develop the neurological bases for compassion and awareness of the needs of others
* Misperceptions of incoming information leading to anxiety or PTSD type responses

NeuroDevelopmental Movement considers these issues and any issue that disrupts sensory and motor functions at seven levels of the central nervous system, helping our clients get back on a solid path to recovery. If medication would consistently work without side effects, parents and clients might consider the effort put into recovery to be ‘too much’.

NeuroDevelopmental Movement asks families to assist their family member’s growth for about two years for most recovery programs. Parents whose children have graduated from our programs make statements such as:
“With the changes we have seen, we have zero regrets for the time spent doing NR. It has paid off tenfold!” (K.G, full statement on file)

NeuroDevelopmental Movement is a program designed to be done in the home. It is through the daily intensity, frequency, and duration of the work that we can achieve the kinds of successes that you read about on this website.

At your initial appointment, your NeuroDevelopmental Movement Consultant will evaluate the client’s visual skills, tactile functions, auditory functions, gross motor, language, and fine motor functions to establish a level of neurodevelopmental proficiency. These results identify the developmental stage at which the initial injury or delay occurred and thus the point at which the neurodevelopmental program must begin.

We welcome email discussions that will help get you started. We want you to deeply understand our approach before you begin a daily program and to that end, we ask you to read any articles that you find relevant in our Resources section. We also ask you to either attend a lecture about the work or to watch the lecture available on this website.

Bette Lamont travels to see clients in Southern California, SE Michigan, Indiana, and Chicago, and is home-based in Western Washington. If you choose to meet Bette in any of these locations, please plan to return every three to four months for reassessments .

If you feel drawn to our approach, contact Bette Lamont at [email protected] for more information or to set up an appointment.

We thank you for your interest and hope to do the very best for your child and family.