NeuroDevelopmental Movement provides stimulus to the brain in the way that nature originally intended.  And for that reason, we ask that parents do a program of activities every day, seven days a week.  This is what it takes to be successful. Taking on an NDM program can change your lifestyle for a while.  When a child is struggling with spectrum disorders, attention, learning, and behavior problems, we want to use the brief time that is their childhood to help them mature fully and overcome their challenges.  We WILL push you to success.

The best way to get to our goals, and the most economical, is to make parents responsible for a program of about an hour every day.  Most parents are aware that O.T. interventions of 30 minutes twice a week will not help their children overcome significant neurological issues.  This in-home program puts a lot of responsibility on parents, but it is the best way for our children to get what they need to overcome their challenges.

Initial resistance on the part of the child can be another downside.  However, many parents have commented that the focused attention they give to their child often helps their relationship in the long run.  Some children are very resistant and need to be convinced that the parents are serious, but once they realize that they cannot opt out, most children accept the awesome responsibility of helping their own brain mature through these exercises.