We believe that informed parents make better partners for their children on this journey.

To that end, we ask that you watch the video on the Getting Started page of this website.  Keep paper and pen handy so you can note what issues relate to your child’s situation.

Read articles about this work, starting on this website.

Join the Facebook Group What is Neurological Reorganization and also Neurological Reorganization with Bette Lamont.

Write to Bette Lamont at [email protected] to make a contact and schedule an appointment.  Bette will send you the documents you need to get started.

Maintain hope.  There is a meme that “false hope” is the enemy of patients’ realistic planning for the future.  We believe that far more damaging than false hope is false despair.  In fact, even the brain itself functions less effectively in the presence of despair.  Hope triggers the Nerve Growth Factor in the base of the brain and gives us the energy and will to move forward.