NeuroDevelopmental Movement stands out as a winning approach against a background of many proffered therapies for children with developmental challenges. It is the ONLY body/brain-based approach that uses the entire Developmental Sequence to address behavioral, social, and learning challenges.

NDM does not isolate reflexes, or sensory issues or motor challenges, but rather works in the way that nature does: spiraling, in effect, the child’s growth up through ever more mature layers of reflexes, leading to whole body movement patterns, that usher in new mobility activities, which in turn help the sensory system mature.¬† When a therapy treats just reflexes, or just sensory problems, or just motor coordination issues, they are not utilizing the wondrous and effective progression of growth that moves from Reflex to Movement to Sensation that ushers in brain¬†maturation.

This is the most researched of the body/brain approaches, based as it is on a global research project in the 1940s that analyzed the developing brains of children on every continent.

NeuroDevelopmental Movement has stood the test of time, with the first successful cases recorded in the mid 1950s.

So, we can say that NeuroDevelopmental Movement is the original, the oldest, the broadest, and deepest of the body/brain therapies that are used to help children and adults overcome learning and behavior challenges.