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Bette Lamont is a certified counselor, teacher, parent, therapist and consultant. She has worked with children and adult learning and behavioral issues throughout her career. She has served as a Developmental Movement Practitioner since 1986, and is Founder and Executive Director of Developmental Movement Consultants in Seattle, Washington. She has been a Registered and Certified Counselor in Washington State since 1994. We base our work on the belief that children CAN recover, and we witness such recoveries on a weekly basis.

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Real Life Success Stories

We had been having very difficult times with our son’s rages and violent behavior from a very, very young age. Most of the time he was such a sweet child, but this behavior could be triggered at literally any moment. After working with Bette, these rages have almost all but stopped. No one else had any answers that worked. Bette’s help has been a miracle for our family. – Steven M.